Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On and on and on

So, I'm updating, though I don't have much to say. Work has been challenging to say the least. Russell has been having a hard time listening and he doesn't exactly enjoy picking up after himself. Which means we have to start 'clean up time' about an hour before lunch so that the house is clean before he eats. I had to put him in time out the other day and he screamed for 5 minutes straight, no exaggeration. Also, I still need another job...

In other news, it's still not quite official, but its looking more and more everyday like Ryan and I are actually getting married this summer. The ring should be arriving sometime next week, well, the setting anyway, he's having the stone set by a friend. So, its coming and soon, I just don't know exactly when. Which is good, generally you're not supposed to know these things in advance.