Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feeling lost

So apparently I'm really no good at updating...partly I blame this on the fact that not much happens in my life that is worth blogging about, but mostly I'm lazy.

Life has been pretty blah as of late. I go to work, come home and see Ryan for a few hours, go to sleep, and then get up and do it again. I haven't seen any friends since early May; I felt like life was on pause for so long, now it just feels like I'm stuck on repeat. I'm bored, I'm feeling a little lost in life right now. Ryan is the only person over 6 that I talk to anymore; and lets face it neither one of us really cares what happens to the other while at work, which lends itself to a lot of one-sided conversations.

I need to do something artistic again, I need to create something (does that sound lame?). It's become almost like an itch that I just can't scratch and it's starting to drive me nuts. I've never been out of art classes for so long; I didn't think I'd miss Rosemont, but I'd LOVE a printmaking studio, a ceramics studio, or even just a room to paint in right now. I want to paint, I've wanted to paint, for months now, but 1) I have all these ideas in my head that involve crazy things like transparencies and overhead projectors and 2) there is no room in this apartment for me to do anything. We need to move like yesterday.

I'd like to be out of this place by October, rent is ridiculous. Ryan's been talking to a realtor, now all we have to do is find a house we want to see and we can go look at it. Hopefully it won't take real long...