Monday, March 30, 2009



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wish I had a picture...

I'M ENGAGED! Finally, ha ha. Unfortunately my digital camera doesn't have a macro feature that works the way it should, so I can't focus close enough to get a picture of my ring, or I would post it. However, I'm pretty sure that everyone reading this has probably already seen it or will see it relatively soon.

So he did the bare minimum I asked from him. He actually said "will you marry me", and really thats all I told him he HAD to say, cause I wasn't gonna just take the ring without him asking me for real. BUT he is Ryan and I should have known that if I wanted anything more elaborate than that I was gonna have to tell him exactly what to do....which is not however you want to be proposed to so...oh well, it doesn't really matter. I got the ring I wanted, on St. Patrick's Day, after leaving an authentic Irish Pub, so it was very RYAN, and I'm ok with that. I suppose my answer was very me ("do I get to keep the box?" "Yes" "Oh, yeah, alright I guess"), so what can you do. Though now he's telling everyone I said 'yes' and technically I didn't, but the meaning was the same, so I guess it's alright.

Monday, March 9, 2009

RIdiculously priced rocks and babies

Saturday Ryan and I went to pick out the stone for my engagement ring. Wendy had 3 stones for us to look at, and honestly they all looked almost exactly the same. Though one wasn't quite as clear as the others and one was almost pink instead of red, oh yeah, and there was about a $1000 difference between them. One was a little over 500, one was 12 something and one was 15 something. And when Wendy asked Ryan which one he liked better he said "whichever one she wants, it doesn't matter"---I was like WHAT!  Of course it matters, retard, they look the same, why spend over $1500 dollars on something when you can get almost the exact same thing for $1000 less. Needless to say, I picked the cheap one. Wendy placed the stone in the setting so we could see what it would look like once they had it all together, and then she made me put it on! Even though I couldn't keep it; that's the second time they told me to put it on and then took it back. Ridiculous. Anyway, Wendy said it should be done Saturday, so I'll be getting it anytime after that.

That night we went out to dinner with his parents and they kept talking about how cute this little girl that was sitting a few tables behind us was. Seriously, like every 15 or 20 minutes they would look over at her and start talking about how cute she was again. At first I thought maybe I was being crazy and they really just thought she was cute, that maybe they weren't trying to, not so subtly, tell us that they wanted grandkids. Generally that's not really their style, they usually just come out and say what they want. So maybe I was reading into it right? No. During one of their 'oh she's so cute' moments Ryan's dad decides to tell us that one of his prayer requests when Ryan was born was that he would live long enough  to see his grandchildren. SERIOUSLY! We're not even officially engaged yet, I'm not wearing the ring, and he's already pushing for us to have kids. Like he's expecting to kick the bucket any day now. I swear that man is going to live forever, he just doesn't want to admit it.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Wendy called Ryan today. I get to go pick out the stone for my engagement ring tomorrow!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feeling incredibly smart for once

All the things I got to do this weekend:

1. Eat at Kildare's (amazing chicken, I just wish it wasn't so expensive)
2. Play kickball (I'm much better now than I was in elementary, probably because my feet are bigger)
3. Go to a farmer's market for the first time (ridiculous amount of food)
4. See and try on my engagement ring (it's only the setting, we've yet to pick out a stone. Also, it was just cruel to tell me to try it on and then take it back, I wanna keep it SO bad)
5. Fill out the form to use the church for the wedding
6. Start learning Irish Gaelic (Ryan got Rosettastone, and let me tell you, I only used it for maybe 25 minutes and I felt like a genius afterward. It is amazing)
7. Ask my bridesmaids to be bridesmaids (I'm trying to get a jump start on this planning stuff, it's tough going without a ring or money)
8. Go on two pretty awesome photo shoots with Kara
9. Talk to Erika for the first time since November

The things I'm most excited about, seeing my ring and learning Gaelic. Seriously, I felt incredibly smart, coolest thing ever.