Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Invisible Children

So Invisible Children has done it again. On Saturday Ryan and I went into Philly to Independance Hall Park to "abduct" ourselves in solidarity with the child soliders in Uganda. Invisible Children put an end to night commuting with the Global Night Commute, this time they are trying to bring home all of the 300,000 abducted child soldiers. So starting Saturday thousands of people in 100 cities in 10 countries around the world abducted themselves and vowed not to leave until they were rescued by both the media and a person of influence in our society (i.e.-a celebrity, senator, or someone from congress). Unfortunately we were unable to stay the whole night as Ryan had barely slept the night before. Philly was rescued by a congressman around 8 p.m. Sunday, and as of right now there is still one city left out of the 100, Chicago. They aren't leaving until someone rescues them, hopefully it will happen soon, they've been there for 4 days, and not in the greatest weather.

Let me just say, there is absolutely nothing like watching 1,000 people (mostly teenagers and college students) dance to Pride (in the name of love) by U2 at 8:30 at night in the middle of Philadelphia. All because they managed to raise over $2,000 for children they've never met in a country most of them will never see...