Sunday, December 27, 2009

A morning alone

Ryan had to play guitar for both church services this morning, so I've been home alone (well, Jasper is here) for a while, which gave me time to play around with the mac. I probably should have been working on my website, but for some reason I can't bring myself to even start. I think its just one of those things that I know will probably take a good chunk of time to get done and I just don't want to sit here that long working on something that like 5 people will look at, ya know? I wish getting art out into the open where people, people I'm not related to or friends with, can see it was a bit easier. I feel like all the other artist I find online did it so easily, and here I am in my tiny apartment with no money to really spend on this kind of stuff and I feel stuck. There's so much I want to be able to do, and I just can't with what we have right now. I want a printmaking studio so bad...but where exactly would I get the money for that? Or the space?

We've been looking at empty lots of land in the area, hoping to be able to buy one once our lease is up in June. That way we could just get a prefab house put on the empty land. It seems to be a win-win situation. Prefab homes are customizable to some extent and they're much cheaper than having a house built from scratch. And we could find land with enough room for a yard, and trees (to keep Ryan happy), plus we wouldn't have to worry about taking the dog outside in the dark/rain/snow we could just open the back door and let him go by himself. Maybe if this works out I could have my printmaking studio by July or August....but I'm not holding my breath, right now it all seems a little too good to be true, though I would LOVE it if we can actually make this happen.

Here's what I've been up to this morning...

And now, I'm am off to play Wii Fit Plus, I have to work on my snowball fighting skills so Ryan doesn't cream me 16-4 again...