Saturday, January 23, 2010

Super excited

I decided about a week ago that I wanted to throw Ryan a super cool birthday party since he never really had one as a kid. Ryan, however, hates it when people call attention to his birthday. He hates it so much that for the past 10 or so years, with the exception of last year, he has made sure he was in another state on his birthday so that no one could do anything about it. Ridiculous, I know, but I figured that if I throw a REALLY cool party he can't complain too much.

Unfortunately, Ryan's birthday is not until July, so I was getting all excited about it now and couldn't do anything. Then I realized that MY birthday is next month, so while I wait for July I can throw myself a super cool party. And let me tell you, it will be SUPER cool. All my party supplies just got here yesterday, balloons, streamers, plates, cups, tablecloth, napkins, invitations, it's all themed and I'm working on other decorations and themed food items. Every time I think of something else Ryan just shakes his head and laughs, but he is agreeing to let me do all of it, and he even said he would help with some of it. I SO wish it were my birthday already, I'm getting super-duper excited about it, but I still have to wait a month. But my party is going to be so rockin' that people from other states are coming....I CAN'T WAIT!!

p.s.- I would tell you what the theme to my party is, but it's kind of a secret until all the invitations go out...