Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ryan is gone for the week, he left around 3 this afternoon and he won't be back until sometime Friday night. He's out a the Penn State campus in Clinton county, wherever that is, taking a course on pesticide maintenance or something like that. Basically he's gone all this week, then he comes home for a few days and has to go back out there next Tuesday to take a test. Once he passes the test he will be certified to spray pesticide on trees, which is good be cause that guarantees him a job year round (or at least its supposed to, we'll see if that actually happens) and he should be getting a raise as well.

In other news...I'm tired. Tired of work, tired of this apartment, tired of crocheting (though I am determined to get this blanket finished on time), basically I'm tired of life at the moment. Money troubles and real estate disappointments have been weighing me down lately. Especially since every car we own seems to be broken, even the new one is having problems, and since Ryan hasn't been working I've had to manage paying all the bills by myself, not something easily done....

Being an adult is not an easy thing, and mostly I think its over rated.