Sunday, December 23, 2007


Friday night was homecoming, this is really the only time all year that I look forward to going back to Mt. Calvary. Visiting old teachers is nice, but MCCS isn't the same school it was when I was there. My memories aren't so much of the place itself, but of the people who were there, and all those people have moved on now. Which is why I love homecoming so much, I get to sit back and see all the people I grew up with, the ones who had a huge hand in making me who I am today, and the ones who I've missed more than I realized. I was excited to see all my boys again, even though I really only got to see 3 or 4 of them. It was nice to sit and watch them play, its been so long since I've sat and watched anyone play basketball, and it just felt right to be sitting in that gym watching those boys, there was only one person missing who would have made that sight perfect. Speaking of, Mary Ann and Jocelynn tried to convince me that they saw Matt leaving as they were walking into the building, its a shame they couldn't have been right about that since he's in New Zealand and there is no way he would leave his one and a half year old daughter and his wife, who happens to be 9 months pregnant, in a different hemisphere just to come to homecoming.
I also got to see Katie and meet her husband, Tom, and their adorable son, Kyle. I still can't believe she has a kid! I don't know why it seems so crazy to think that people I graduated with are getting married when I'm doing that very thing in 8 months. I guess Katie having a baby just makes me feel so old that everyone else getting married isn't helping me feel and younger. And it doesn't help that Jared is gettting married that same day I am, maybe its just the little girl in me that doesn't want to let him go, but I really wanted him to be at my wedding, and I was kind of hoping that I would be able to be at his, but I guess thats not gonna happen now. On top of that all our mutal friends are gonna have to choose which wedding to go to now, though it helps that his is going to be in Michigan, so not everyone will be able to go to his, and more will be at mine. But Liz might be getting married the same day, and if the choice comes down to me or Liz chances are good that most people would choose Liz. Oh well, story of my life...