Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feeling incredibly smart for once

All the things I got to do this weekend:

1. Eat at Kildare's (amazing chicken, I just wish it wasn't so expensive)
2. Play kickball (I'm much better now than I was in elementary, probably because my feet are bigger)
3. Go to a farmer's market for the first time (ridiculous amount of food)
4. See and try on my engagement ring (it's only the setting, we've yet to pick out a stone. Also, it was just cruel to tell me to try it on and then take it back, I wanna keep it SO bad)
5. Fill out the form to use the church for the wedding
6. Start learning Irish Gaelic (Ryan got Rosettastone, and let me tell you, I only used it for maybe 25 minutes and I felt like a genius afterward. It is amazing)
7. Ask my bridesmaids to be bridesmaids (I'm trying to get a jump start on this planning stuff, it's tough going without a ring or money)
8. Go on two pretty awesome photo shoots with Kara
9. Talk to Erika for the first time since November

The things I'm most excited about, seeing my ring and learning Gaelic. Seriously, I felt incredibly smart, coolest thing ever.