Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wish I had a picture...

I'M ENGAGED! Finally, ha ha. Unfortunately my digital camera doesn't have a macro feature that works the way it should, so I can't focus close enough to get a picture of my ring, or I would post it. However, I'm pretty sure that everyone reading this has probably already seen it or will see it relatively soon.

So he did the bare minimum I asked from him. He actually said "will you marry me", and really thats all I told him he HAD to say, cause I wasn't gonna just take the ring without him asking me for real. BUT he is Ryan and I should have known that if I wanted anything more elaborate than that I was gonna have to tell him exactly what to do....which is not however you want to be proposed to so...oh well, it doesn't really matter. I got the ring I wanted, on St. Patrick's Day, after leaving an authentic Irish Pub, so it was very RYAN, and I'm ok with that. I suppose my answer was very me ("do I get to keep the box?" "Yes" "Oh, yeah, alright I guess"), so what can you do. Though now he's telling everyone I said 'yes' and technically I didn't, but the meaning was the same, so I guess it's alright.


Elisabeth said...

Congrats Love!!!!!!!