Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coloring Patience

So, for the first time today I got to color with the 2 year old I babysit. I've tried coloring with him before, but he always lost interest quickly. Well, he got a Cars color wonder coloring book for Christmas and he was really excited about coloring in it, but like with everything else I HAVE to do it with him or he pouts. Unfortunately he wanted my HELP, which in 2 year old terms means that he wanted to color only where I was coloring and no where else. I, on the other hand, cannot handle coloring in the same place as someone else. I about smacked the kid, he kept pushing my marker out of the way and coloring over what I had already done!

I have no patience for children that color like that. If my children ever tried that with me, they'd lose they're crayons for a week.


Kara said...

You can post stuff like THIS on the sisterhood blog!!!!!!! geez!

Amanda said...

If I post it on that blog, then I have nothing to post on my own blog...give me some time, I'll come up with something good for TSOTSB

Kara said...

you betta sista.... and go read me and Amy's joint post and COMMENT. commmmmmmeeeeeeee onnnnnn