Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things are looking up

So, Ryan and I are going to look at apartments tomorrow, not for both of us, just for him. But I figured it couldn't be a bad sign that he asked me to go with him.

Then tonight on our way to Bria's to play Munchkin, he told me that he went into the jewlery store the other day to see Wendy. Wendy is his friend that owns her own jewlery store, she already has everything on file about the ring I want along with my ring size and all that stuff. He said he told her to start looking for the rock that they're gonna put in my ring. And I KNOW thats a good sign. I just don't know how good of a sign it is yet. Like all I know is that he's working on getting a ring....what I don't know is how soon I might be getting it, or what I'll be doing when my lease is up at the end of July...

But hey, for now at least, I'll take what I can get.

EDIT: I just got back from looking at apartments with Ryan. They were some pretty sweet apartments, so yeah, pretty sure he's gonna live there...and apparently I will be too in like 6 or 7 months. I actually got up enough nerve to ask him exactly when he thought this wedding was going to take place and he said, 'August or September, whenever you need it to be with your lease and all.' So, yeah, he's working on getting the ring, and he thinks we're getting married this summer, but I'm trying not to get overly excited until I actually SEE this ring, he's done this to me before, and I don't want that to happen again.


Kara said...

WOW- I can't believe that you will possibly be married in just a few short months!! OMG!!! (just don't have it on the 8th of august- cuz that's my sis's wedding and damn it- I want to go to your too!!)

:) :) :)

Amanda said...

no prob. August 1st is a Saturday and also the day after I would have to be out of my apartment so...we'll see, that might be the date, but I haven't talked it over with Ryan yet.

Kara said...

Oh no! August 1st is the day that my parents are coming up to move me out of the apartment into a new one!!!! LOL. geez. Why can't you fix your wedding date to accommodate me? lol. jk jk. I'll figure it out to be there :) :) but i hear july is nice ;) lol
I'm such a pain, huh?

Genevieve said...

We will probably need to be completely moved out BY August 1..... so I would say we would be moving out July 31st.