Friday, January 9, 2009

My uninteresting life

So, I'm in MD for Wyatt and Vickie's wedding, and I'm spending the night at Vickie's. However, anyone who knows Vickie knows she goes to bed the same time any normal 80 year old would (ok, so its not really that early, but hey, I exaggerate, get over it), and I'm the only one here besides her family since all the guys are staying at their apartment with Wyatt. So to occupy my time between when Vic went upstairs to sleep and when I am going to sleep I've been trolling through random blogs. I have to say, and yes, I know this sounds stalkerish, I enjoy reading about other people's lives. The things is, other people are so much more entertaining than I am.

There was this one blog, especiaLEE, that was about an asian girl who lives in LA (or there abouts) and goes to college in Syracuse, there wasn't anything overly special about what she was writing, just what she was doing during her break from school, and how she felt about having to go back, and you know what? It was way more interesting than anything I've written on this blog, aside from maybe that one post about how I was falling apart. I have to admit, that was some pretty dramatic stuff, true, but dramatic all the same.

Why can't my life be cool and interesting? Maybe a better question is why do I bother? No one ever reads this anyway....Though maybe I should put a counter on, that way I would know how many people are actually here and just not commenting...


Kara said...

I want a counter too!! And I read this blog. My life is just as uninteresting. I'm boring as hell and my personal blog is depressing. :( But our sisterhood blog is quite awesome